Loving My Special Child Follow Up

Dated: 09/13/2017

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I’ve written a couple of blogs about loving a special child and I wanted to do a follow-up. My special child is a granddaughter who is now in high school. She has been in counseling for two full years and has benefited greatly. She appears perfectly “normal” if you can say that any teen is “normal”, but for me, that is a reminder that special needs persons (young and old) come with all types of disabilities. We never know what issues another person may be struggling with as we encounter them during the day.  (This is a good place for me to add that kindness toward our fellow man/woman or child goes a long way and doesn’t cost anything.) 

Living day to day with an emotional disorder must be an incredible challenge.  One moment the world is bright, sunny with a wonderful outlook.  The next second, it can suddenly cloud over with thunder and lightning quickly following.  How does a child grasp the seriousness of the change, grab the emotional roller-coaster and hang on all the while working hard to refocus—or not.   

When your child aches, loses control, has a temporary lapse in memory, whatever happens, you ache as well.  My granddaughter is fortunate to be in a place where she has access to resources so she is learning to manage her actions and her emotional responses to external noise and issues.  Are we through the “worst” of “it”?  Perhaps not.  Is she making good progress?  Absolutely!  Is she stronger today and better equipped to deal with both external and internal forces?  Absolutely!  Will she ever be completely beyond it?  I pray that she will or that she will have the strength and confidence to battle the forces with all the knowledge gained through her counselling.  

I predict a bright future ahead for this young woman.  I think I’ll keep praying and watch her grow through counseling and daily interactions with friends and family.   Parental (and grandparental) love is powerful and through that love and prayer, she will succeed. 

If you love a special child up close or from afar, I will always make time to talk.  I am in real estate in San Antonio so if you are thinking about buying or selling, up-sizing or downsizing, and you are not currently working with a Realtor, give me a call.  I would love to talk with you.                                                                                                                         

Sharon Miller

Sharon is a military wife who moved at the direction of the U.S. Army for nearly 30 years, a Federal employee who retired after 30 years of service, an active Broker Associate/REALTOR in San Antonio w....

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